Our Australian Heritage Virtual Learning Project

Students today were introduced to their 10 week virtual learning project connected to the COGs G multi-stage unit ‘Our Australian Heritage’

  • Connection focus for each stage:
  • ES1/S1: understanding that cultural activities, objects, songs, dances and stories express beliefs, values and a connection to place and people.
  • S2: exploring the impact of British colonisation and how it has shaped Australia.
  • S3: exploring events in Australia’s past to better understand how our history shapes and influences us. The impact of significant events, inclusive of Aboriginal history, develops our understanding of democracy

Mrs Booth has created a quest that takes the students’ through a timeline of activities both in the virtual space and through the web. Since our virtual world is a stand alone application on a USB students copy specific web links placed on virtual note cards to source information on the Internet.  They are then required to record their answers in their work books. Students will also be researching and collecting information as they need to decide what they are going to create in the virtual space. Our blog has a dedicated page to this unit where students can go for information and ideas. Vikram and Lachlan have already paired themselves up as they are going to make a simulation together and then export their builds to share on each of their sims (simulated world). A number of students liked the idea of building the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The gold-fields  parliament house, a ship to carry the troops to Gallipoli or housing during The Great Depression, these are just some ideas of what their final build could be.

Mrs Booth

5 thoughts on “Our Australian Heritage Virtual Learning Project

  1. what a great way to use SoaS as part of the students’ repertoire of tools to learn with

    SoaS, the internet, and a workbook! that’s accessing so many different neural pathways and contributing to deeper engagement and more meaningful retention of the subjects you assign!

    well done! =)

  2. Wow this looks fabulous Mrs Booth. guess what you’ll be doing on my class in term 3? I am so pleased that you are all enjoying virtual world technology so much. What a fabulous and exciting learning opportunity.

  3. I agree Jodie and Ener (and Danica!) – Josh is thoroughly enjoying it! Jessica actually has come in after school to ask Mrs Booth how she can use her SoaS again from last year. 🙂

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