Bongil Bongil public speaking competition

On Tuesday the 25th of October, 4 students from Crossmaglen attended the Bongil Bongil public speaking competition at Toormina  Public School.


Prior to this event  students individually had to prepare a 2-3 minute speech on a topic of their choice.


Dala from Stage 1 presented a speech on the Kakapo bird from New Zealand. Olivia from Stage 2 informed the audience about the variety of Turtle species and their individual features. Lucinda from Stage 3 discussed a controversial issue on Multiculturalism and Madison also from Stage 3 brought the audience to a stand still by sharing her experience of feeling lonely and using  appropriate methods of expressing emotions.


Both Lucinda and Madison also had 6 minutes to prepare an impromptu speech on the topic ‘is school the only place you learn?’


All students should be proud of their efforts as you all did a fantastic job! Congratulations also to Lucinda for achieving the Stage 2, Highly Commended.


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