August 2016

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Friday Cooking – Pizza šŸ•

Last Friday for our fortnightly cooking, we made pizza. For our dough we made a basic pizza base using two parts self raising flour one part Greek yoghurt. Needing and rolling until the base was formed. Then we topped the bases with pizza sauce, cheese, capsicum, salami, baby spinach, pepperoni, cheese, ham, and cabonnosi. The… Read more Friday Cooking – Pizza šŸ•

Compound Words

Last week students in K-2 focused on compound words. As described by Bonnie (Kindergarten), “compound words are two smaller words that are put together to make a bigger word like sun + flower = sunflower”. K- 2 students are enhancing their vocabulary, progressing nicely and achieving various learning goals.


For the past 4 sport sessions we have been learning the skills of volleyball with Adrian from Spike Zone. So far we have mastered the dig shot, spike, the set shot, blocking and are in the process of learning returns. All students have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and we thank Adrian for his time. Whilst… Read more Volleyball


Ā This term in technology Kindergarten and Year 1 are exploring the features of paint and Story Maker to create, edit and publish a story about themselves and their family. Whilst Year 2 students are refining their abilities to create, research, edit and publish an informative PowerPoint presentation on Natural and Built Environments. These tasks at… Read more Technology


Over the last couple of weeks we have made up a dance for our end of year school presentation night. Yesterday we were dancingĀ  for a whole hour trying to figure out some dance moves. So far we have got into the song “Can’t Stop The Feeling” by Justin Timberlake. Some of our favourite dance… Read more Creativity.

Reading Groups

This term K-2 studentsĀ identified they would like to improve their reading and writing abilities. StudentsĀ have been participating in a variety of activities to help enhance their vocabulary, phonemic awareness and word recognition. Students are able to apply appropriate strategies toĀ decipher unknown words and all studentsĀ accuracy of reading high frequency words has improved. All students have… Read more Reading Groups