Bongil Bongil public speaking competition

On Tuesday the 25th of October, 4 students from Crossmaglen attended the Bongil Bongil public speaking competition at Toormina  Public School. Prior to this event  students individually had to prepare a 2-3 minute speech on a topic of their choice. Dala from Stage 1 presented a speech on the Kakapo bird from New Zealand. Olivia… Read more Bongil Bongil public speaking competition

Built and Natural Environments

On Wednesday the 14th of September, K-2 went to the Jetty Foreshores for an excursion to look at Built and Natural environments.    We saw various Built environments, for example, boats, houses, bridges, a playground, board walks and shops. We also saw Natural environments such as the ocean, trees, sand dunes, rocks and shells. We all enjoyed our time and finished… Read more Built and Natural Environments

Friday Cooking – 🐔 Chicken Schnitzel and Veggies 🍽

This week we made home made chicken schnitzel with veggies. As the class was undecided on mash potatoes or home made potato wedges, it was decided that both would be made. We made our own breadcrumbs by blitzing fresh bread and adding an assortment of herbs from the herb barrels planted by Mrs Pert. The… Read more Friday Cooking – 🐔 Chicken Schnitzel and Veggies 🍽

Compound Words

Last week students in K-2 focused on compound words. As described by Bonnie (Kindergarten), “compound words are two smaller words that are put together to make a bigger word like sun + flower = sunflower”. K- 2 students are enhancing their vocabulary, progressing nicely and achieving various learning goals.